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Information and Tools for the Small Business

Small businesses face a greater challenge than larger companies as they usually operate with limited budgets and limited manpower. Yet regulators and banks expect them to adopt and implement complex and costly compliance infrastructure which as a direct impact on the company's bottom line.   You will find answers to many questions here.   You will also find tools that help you run your Money Services Business more effectively.  

Product and Services Reviews

We review products and services for the MSB industry. Compare apples with apples and make informed decisions.

Unique Tools

Access our unique compliance tools utility.  It simplifies tracking important aspects of your MSB.


Ask questions, get answers, share insights and experiences.  Join today and become part of the MSB community.

Money Services Businesses

If you offer one or more of these services, MSB Center is for you

Money Transmitters

Our focus is in small businesses, mainly agents of money transmitters.  However, if you are a start-up money transmitter, you will find valuable information inside.  From software to tips on how-to guides.

Check Cashing

Check cashing is a profitable service you can offer to your customers.  Inside you will find resources that will help you carry out your services efficiently.  Also get answers to your questions from leading experts.

Foreign Currency Exchange 

A quite unique service, foreign currency exchange is mostly found near tourist areas and borders.  Find tools and resources to run your Forex service in a safe and sound manner, and learn about its challenges as well.

Money Orders 

Do you sell or want to sell money orders?  It is a simple service that can complement other services.  Want to be come a money order issuer?  We address important issues you must know before venturing in this industry.

Prepaid Access 

From gift cards to reloadable debit cards to e-wallets, prepaid access offers your customers the ability of purchasing goods and services without cash.  Find out if prepaid access makes sense for your business.

Virtual Currencies

A very hot topic, no doubt.  Virtual currencies bring leading tech and innovation to your business.  But they are also very complex and require a solid foundation.  Join now and find if crypto make sense for you.

Your time is extremely valuable.  Join now and find solutions to your compliance needs